Admin Tool

    To make administration a breeze we developed and built a admin tool in the client. In the admin tool - which is included in your service - you'll find all sorts of settings and manageable features

    Regardless if you wanna change the name of a existing user or add a new one the admin tool is the way to do it!


    Managed the PBX and subscriptions

    As a administrator you’ll find this extra convenient. In your hand (or on your computer) you will have total control of your company PBX and the subscriptions that come with it.

    With just a few clicks you could edit your business hours, divert calls or log in colleagues to the switchboard.

    Mobile first – of course

    No matter the time or place you’ll be able to manage everything right through your mobile phone.

    Never miss a call

    Our solution is rule based. So you’ll be in charge of telling us whom should be able to see, log in and manage the answer groups. It comes with a intuitive wallboard were you when, who and how long calls where. You’ll even see ongoing calls