Welcome to your dashboard! It's never been this breezy to spot and track answer groups in real time.

How's the team rolling? A bunch of customers in the queue? Followed up on all those calls? Dive into our dashboard, and you've got all the answers right there.

A Crystal-Clear Overview with Depth

Hop into the detailed view and, instantly, you’re clued in: current wait times, the number of agents on standby, and any lingering calls in the queue.

Want to gauge how the group’s performing? All you’ve got to do is check out the metrics on display.

Up Your Customer Care with Our Flowchart

Our flowchart is your new data compass. In a snap, see which agents are geared up and who’s occupied with calls.

Missed a call? No worries. Call back, leave a note, and shift it from the “Missed” to the “Handled” column when you have called back.

Agent Status Check-In

Take a look at our agent list for a clear snapshot of who’s doing what. See:

  • If they’re engaged in a call and its duration.
  • Their next availability post-call.
  • Who they’re currently talking with.
  • The ratio of calls they’re picking up compared to incoming buzz.

The Overview is Your Go-To Spot!

Get an immediate glimpse of your answer groups. With real-time data front and center, keeping an eye on KPIs is straightforward.

Further down, there’s the breakdown of your chosen answer groups, neatly organized. Spot current wait times, available agents, and more.


Our graph paints the full picture for each call. Pinpoint those missed ones, bounced, redirected, and followed-up. It’s your go-to visual aid for the answer group.