TeleQ Scheduled Call Back

Scheduled call backs on your terms! When you're not able to pick up the phone or after business hours you can easily have the callers choose a time slot fitting your schedule. You can also have the integration suggest a time for the person calling to accept. When accepting a time slot you'll be notified that you have a scheduled call at that time.

TeleQ is for the Swedish market only.


Huge in the health care

Have you ever called the healthcare in Sweden we’re sure that you have come across TeleQs Scheduled call back. The call back is smart in so many ways, instead of letting people be stuck on the line you’ll just give them the option to schedule a call.

The agents will then have a clear view of who to call and when. It makes their jobs easier, the callers happier and the
queue shorter. In other words: A win win

There are lots of opportunities

The Swedish healthcare were early adopters but since then we find this in car dealerships, online stores and banks.

Since this call back service is customizable there’s not stop to how and where you could use it!