Integrate Your Telephony with our UCaaS

    It really doesn't matter whether you're a service provider or a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) - our solution will work just as well. View us as a complement to your product portfolio that today, if we may guess, are in the area of mobile subscriptions, UC, or older on-prem solutions. No matter your position in today's market, we can tailor a beneficial collaboration.


    Lynes lets your clients keep their previous phone numbers – both fixed numbers and their mobile subscriptions. They will continue to use your services just as before, but by adding Lynes to your product portfolio, you will be able to manage your customers through your existing systems that are connected via APIs to Lynes.

    You can, without effort, create new users, register phone subscriptions, and see invoicing-status – all in a matter of seconds. Integrate Lynes with your other business applications and ensure a streamlined experience for all your users.


    Lynes becomes a part of your infrastructure

    The learning curve will be minimal, since our API:s easily connects your current applications to our platform Everything from CRM-systems to commission-based systems will work in perfect harmony together with Lynes. 

    We have well-prepared synchronization-methods to integrate our solution with different types of telephony-providers. These have all been created in advance to make your setup and configuration as straightforward and fast as possible.

    Nothing will be removed since you’ll get to keep your regular fixed numbers and mobile phone number. Your offerings will only improve by implementing Lynes!

    Some features of Lynes

    • Seamless integration for your clients
    • Short starting process
    • Keep your regular phone numbers
    • Easy administration
    • Fully integrated

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