Conduct High Quality Videoconferences

    Videoconferences have long been a regular feature in the ways of conducting business. As technology improves, so does the demand for higher quality meetings.

    The fact is, modern UCaaS-clients of today require more than just a voice to feel content once it's all said and done. They want to be able to see the person that they are talking to, share screens with each other to show relevant information, and invite external participants without any hassle.

    That desire to "get more" out of a business meeting is what drives and has driven the development of Lynes UCaaS so far already.

    Be connected – regardless of device

    Lynes offers a platform for video meetings and conferences that’s suitable for all types of businesses. Our software works seamlessly with phones, laptops, tablets, and desktop computers. On top of that, Lynes is also fully functional with any operating system, like Linux, PC, or Mac. 

    The same goes for android phones and iOS, so you never will have to worry about your participants being able to connect when you’re the one that’s hosting.


    Automatic reminders and confirmations

    When booking a videoconference with Lynes, all the participants receive an invitation by email. This email contains the necessary information like time, date, phone numbers, and access codes. At the same time, a time slot will be filled and added to everyone’s calendar. You’ll also get a clickable link that leads straight to the meeting if you’re on the go. Really convenient in all of its practicality.


    Perform video meetings with high security

    Everyone with an invitation to your videoconference gets a unique access code. This makes sure that no unauthorized personnel can enter the meeting. We’ve also built end-to-end encryption that makes sure that your information never ends up in the wrong place. Security is of the utmost importance, and is something that we take very seriously.

    A brief list of our features

    • Full HD
    • Internal and external invitations
    • Screen sharing 
    • Switch between audio and video