Integrate Your Email & Calendar with our UCaaS

    One of the more prominent questions we asked ourselves when we created Lynes was, is there a way for us to improve the functionality of the email?

    Instead of having one specific solution for emails, another one for chat, a third for your calendar, and so forth, why not combine them all into one and reduce the need for several running applications or subscriptions? That's exactly what we have done with Lynes.

    Lynes lets you, for example, integrate your Office 365-account to synchronize all of your contacts, share your emails in different chat channels, book video conferences, handle the PBX settings, and so much more - all in one collected suite.


    Our all-in-one application will open up a completely new business environment for you and your colleagues. When given permission, Lynes synchronizes your emails so they can easily be shared with your co-workers to let everyone know the latest news regarding a client, for example. Your colleagues can directly respond to that email by simply clicking on the attachment, which is readily available straight from your chat channel or thread.



    Synchronize your calendar automatically and let your team know when you’re having a meeting at the office or if it’s happening out in the field. If you get an invitation to an event, you can swiftly reply with just a single push of a button. When the invitation is accepted, you’ll get a reminder shortly before it’s about to start. Should the event be changed, for whatever reason, then all the new information will be updated and added to your calendar booking without you having so much as to lift a finger.