Market-leading Survey Tool

    There's a lot of applications and programs out there to conduct different types of surveys. None of them are integrated into your customers' corporate UCaaS - but they can be now.

    With Lynes Survey, you can perform surveys and gain market insights without any significant length of effort. Your customers execute them directly in the application while at the same time being seamlessly integrated with many other core functions, such as monitoring results.


    Inbuilt, powerful and easy to use

    Whether you need to conduct an employee survey or a more massive customer survey, you have the tools for it with Lynes. You can choose between a wide variety of query types, like if they should be mandatory or if they’re a part of a subtopic. The settings are many, but they are really straightforward and easily configured. You can import attendee lists and send everything via the app or schedule periodic mailings in advance via email and SMS. 

    And should there for some reason be any errors in your survey, like wrong questions or incorrect spelling, then you can without effort go back and edit them or make additions.


    Measure customer and employer satisfaction

    Measuring a company’s NPS can be both complicated and time-consuming. With Lynes, you can easily import the customer register and send out your inquiry. If customers do not respond, you can quickly remind them several times or once. It’s up to you. Once you have completed the survey, you can efficiently act on the data that has been acquired. 


    Investigate negative feedback and improve loyalty

    Assume that a customer or client has given a low rating to your survey-questions. What should you do about it? Follow them up, of course! Send follow-up questions to expand on their reasons and win them over at the next possible occasion. Create a more loyal relationship with your customers by addressing their issues directly.

    Another exciting area of ??Lynes Surveys is the development of the employees. You can, after completing a call, lay forth a question where the manager can rate the conversation and the participant’s performance. This feature becomes super valuable when evaluating staff development or client satisfaction, and will ensure a higher quality of communication in the future.


    Used by scientists

    Our tool is so powerful that it is today used by leading researchers around the world. Thanks to the effortless administration process, now you too can conduct your own investigations and get invaluable feedback from your customers, suppliers, and employees.