Mobile first

    Back in 2016 the internet usage through mobiles surpassed computers. Therefore, our design concept was simple, everything we built and are building is with that mindset – the mobile user.

    When the function and design are set, we simply scale it to all our clients letting the desktop, web and tablet application work – just as great.

    Functionality regardless place  

    Whether your clients are working from home or taking a call on the commute you will be there for them with the power of Lynes and it’s right in their hands. They’re able to adjust, manage and forward calls directly in the app. An office number is simply forwarded if needed and an answering group could be closed by toggling a switch.

    The mobile first concept truly makes your customers feel the difference when being able to manage everything from editing business hours to create a temporary answering group directly in the app. When creating a temporary or new one our text to speech function makes it even easier.


    Take it to the next level

    If you were to integrate your telephony with us, you’ll open another door with a lot of functions behind it. With it in place your customers would be able to start new subscriptions, change data package and even porting numbers from the mobile app or desktop creating a truly seamless experience.

    With that in mind the admin tool becomes even more powerful. When creating a new user to the UCaaS your customers would be able to add a mobile subscription at the same time. This saves time for them and of course for you and your service desk. Another well appreciated function is guest users and of course, inviting new ones through the mobile app is a walk in the park. Read more about guest users here

    Regardless of client the function is just as great and everything that they do in the mobile app is available