Superior Collaboration Tool - Admin Portal

    In order for us to ease your clients administration and management, we’ve created the smart and user-friendly admin portal. It’s directly available through your clients phones and is always included in our subscriptions. It’s where they can customize several of our features and settings, like user management, answer groups, and much more.

    The administration portal will reduce the load on your support department by letting your clients handle several of their configurations all by themselves. Nimbleness improves productivity and that’s why we created this part of our solution for you and your clients.


    Manage the switchboard and subscriptions

    Lynes admin portal is developed to give your administrators complete control over the company switchboard. Our user-friendly interface delivers an excellent overview of everyone that’s connected to the UCaaS. You can, at any moment, manage your different subscriptions and the digital switchboard without breaking a sweat.


    Administrate with Lynes admin portal – anytime, anywhere

    The future truly is mobile. It becomes apparent when taking into account that 80% of all internet traffic today passes through handheld devices. All of this was taken into consideration when we created Lynes. Everything we do is with a mobile-first kind of mindset and this makes sure that your clients always have a smooth time when using Lynes. 

    Our UCaaS is performing just as exceptionally while taking the evening train home from work or sitting remotely from your home office. Trace your orders, deliveries, and get an overview of invoicing and finances – all in a matter of a few seconds. 


    Constantly improving

    We are continually adding new features and improving our solution. By the council of Lynes, we continuously collect feedback from our retailers. This makes sure that our software will stand against the test of time and keeps us aligned with our goals and ambitions.


    Industry-leading first-line support

    With the Admin Portal, you’ll relieve the pressure of your first-line support department by letting your clients handle most of their settings and configurations all by themselves. 

    Even though the need for actual first line support is greatly decreased by using our software, of course, we still got one. We love to assist, and this, combined with the flexibility of the admin portal, will guarantee that adjustments to settings or subscription are fixed promptly and in a flash.


    “Keeping track” made easy

    Lynes admin portal contains all the history of your company’s switchboard, which makes it easy to keep track of everything. For example, you can quickly see if your colleagues have completed a planned assignment and thus preemptively avoided any duplication of work efforts. Which personnel that has access to the admin portal is entirely up to you. 


    Some of our favourite features in Lynes portal:

    • Port number
    • Change user numbers
    • Block and order sim cards
    • Create new users
    • See invoices
    • Change subscriptions
    • Change data packages
    • And much more…