Become a channel partner and let earnings commence

    Welcome to Lynes flexible partnership program! As a channel partner to Lynes, you'll quickly be able to hit the market and get sales going without any further investment. You'll get access to both our market-leading UCaaS-solution and our admin portal, onLyne, which gives you complete control over all existing and upcoming clients. These solutions let you administrate, create invoices, and monitor sales progression in a user-friendly and easily managed interface.

    Let's talk about partnerships

    Our offering

    There’s no need to create an entirely new platform for your business when entering into a partnership with Lynes. Building one takes time, costs a lot of money, and demands extensive testing before it’s ready to be launched. Your collaboration with Lynes will create value for your clients by bringing their level of communication into new heights of efficiency. 

    How may you ask? By combining their telephony, chat, video, and so much more into the same application. You’ll add a tool that optimizes and streamlines your users’ everyday lives by simplifying the different ways to collaborate – both internally and externally.


    With Lynes, you’ll get:

    • A dedicated partner-manager. That’s a representative of our organization that will help you with the daily work-effort, like producing sales training for your staff.
    • A project manager. We’ll assist you in setting up new clients in our system – if you want. Another option is that we’ll conduct training sessions to aid you in your endeavor.
    • Support. Your clients are just as important to us as they are to you. We’ll provide support for you and your clients when necessary.
    • Partner-support. Beyond our regular support, we have a dedicated partner-support that will reply to your inquiries at lightning speed. 

    A complete packaging

    Our attractive license-model provides room for you to expand on your margins and minimize administration efforts. With Lynes, you can choose whether the compensation should be upfront, ongoing, or a combination of both. If Lynes had a middle name, it would be flexibility. 

    We’ve prepared our platform for you in advance so that you can connect with additional operators. If you’re an MVNO, we can easily integrate your systems directly into Lynes. Otherwise, we offer readily-made packages and phone numbers from all around the world. If you don’t mind us for saying so, but it doesn’t get better than that!



    Become a channel partner