Easy Teams a white label success with Lynes

    Easy Telefoni has a market-leading position in Sweden when it comes to UC and UCaaS. They've been independently delivering their services for over ten years, covering the whole nation from the south to the far north.

    While being a service provider, Easy Telefoni also collaborates with all of the other significant telecom-companies in Sweden. Regardless of which provider you choose, Easy Teams, as the service is called, works just as great.


    We integrated the telephone-part of our business with Lynes and created a solution that suits our customers; now, they have everything gathered in one and the same app, delivered from a provider with a high class service desk.

    A complete product portfolio

    Easy Teams is an appreciated and comprehensive collaboration-tool that’s packed with innovative functions. It’s both an integrated business phone system and a UCaaS, and because of that, they reached customer groups that they’ve haven’t been able to reach before.


    Historically, we’ve been supplying our business phone system with a focus on the telecom-aspect of UCaaS. Our clients appreciate the shift towards a broader solution that Lynes today offers. It was not uncommon that you previously had to have a separate application for video calls, for example. Now it’s immediately available inside the app, and it’s super simple to connect – Burhan Kesapli.

    Beyond assisting the clients, we also aided Easy Telefoni to acquire global phone numbers in their offering. This step made the connection between their offices abroad much tighter. 


    We quickly wanted to hit the market after we’ve decided to team up with Lynes and their knowledge and assistance has been vital to our start-up process. Now, they’re only a chat message away, both the support desk and their developers. We have an ongoing dialogue in regards to changes in our configurations or new implementations. There’s always beneficial integrations to look in to, and Lynes gives us all the help that we need. 

    Our marketing division started cheering when they heard that Lynes already had all the marketing material produced and available. All they needed was to rebrand it. Everything felt so thought-through, and their partnership-program made us instantly feel like belonging to the team, says Burhan.


    “Lynes has thought of everything.”

    Something that played a huge role in Easy Telefoni’s decision to team up with Lynes was “onLyne”. It’s a partner portal that handles everything from invoicing to administrative tasks.

    “Now, we have a holistic approach to our customers and greater ownership. It’s easy to set up new client cards, send invoices, follow-up on leads, and take care of the administration. In addition to linking our customers’ communications together and replacing several of their existing systems with Easy Teams, we have also minimized the number of internal systems we work with today.” – Says Burhan at Easy Telefoni. 


    “The support Lynes offered has been essential for us to get an understanding of the solution and how to send invoices through onLyne. Lyne’s partner program is thorough and consistent in its delivery. In total, we’re impressed by their efforts to bring us up to speed and the fact that we now have everything available from one and the same interface”, says Burhan.

    Facts about Easy Telefoni:

    • Number of employees: 50
    • Users via Lynes: around 30 000
    • Type of partner: White Label
    • Working with Lynes: 1 year
    • Time to market: 4 months

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