Masterful Wholesale Services - White-Label

    With Lynes flexible wholesale program, you'll be able to improve on your offerings without losing ownership. Gain access to our market-leading UCaaS-solution, as well as our admin portal, onLyne, which grants you full control over your clients.

    Let's talk Wholesale

    You’ll quickly hit the market with our wholesale program, as it was designed for both major telecom giants and fast-paced start-ups that are eager to get going and start making profits. Beyond the unique selling points already mentioned, you’ll obtain access to our developers and their technical expertise.

    We’re never further away than a chat message, and we’re always available to assist you in your endeavors.


    White-label – Our solution made into yours

    With a Whitelabel solution from Lynes, you’ll have a turnkey, ready-for-action platform that’s built from the foundation up. To develop a solution like Lynes takes time, costs money, and demands rigorous product testing. When production is completed, it’s all about maintenance and further development. Our White Label was constructed to create value for your clients by lifting their communication paths onto new levels of efficiency. That happens by combining the different ways of communication into the same platform, like chat, telephony, video, and so much more. You’ll add a tool to your business arsenal that improves and optimizes the everyday workflow of everyone that’s involved in your projects and collaborations. 


    Tailor-fit branding

    Create a recognition factor and strengthen your brand by Lynes White Label arrangement. We’ll rebrand Lynes in your colors and make it fit your business perfectly  – everything adjusted to suit your vision and desire. By having our excellent UCaaS-software rebranded into yours, you’ll create customer loyalty for you, your brand, and your service. 

    All company materials in the form of product sheets and so forth are prepared in advance and can easily be transferred to fit your brand, color scheme, and business. 

    What’s included?

    • Product sheets
    • Brand customization
    • Video and text-materials



    Benefits of using Lynes Wholesale-solution

    • Complete ownership of your clients
    • Front your own brand
    • Short start-up process
    • High levels of compensation
    • A world-class partnership with Lynes 
    • Development and support from technicians

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    A partnership with Lynes grants you access to everything from high-quality training material to technical support. We make sure that your technicians, project managers, and support staff are all up to snuff! You and your clients’ satisfaction is the number one priority for us, and excellent user-experience is what we are known for. We’ll also make sure that your sales-force is fully equipped to manage onLyne, so that invoicing can proceed quickly. All of these resources will, by extension, also make you ready to train your clients, administrators, and sellers.

    What’s included?

    • Up-start
    • Training of technicians and members of the support staff
    • Sales training
    • Training in onLyne
    • Resources for you to educate your staff and clients

    Integrate one or more operators

    By integrating your business phone system, a new world of business opportunity will open up for you by all the functionalities through Lynes. In Sweden, Lynes is its own telecom-provider, and we have extensive networks available. Our roots go deep into the Swedish market, and we got the proper business connections available at your disposal. Today, we collaborate with major telecom-providers like Telenor and Tele2, and their subscriptions work just as great with Lynes as our own. Together, they have about 50% market share in Sweden, which today surpasses 11 million active subscribers. In short, offering services to multiple providers will make you eligible for even more business opportunities.


    Integrations: the hub of progression

    Integrating currently used work-applications is essential, and we can tailor our solution to your existing business systems. Today, we have several ready-to-launch integrations towards leading business systems, such as Zendesk and Office 365, and we are continuously developing new ones. Create your own integrations to Lynes or use ours and let us help you with all the necessary configurations – whichever you prefer!


    Lynes – A true collaboration of value

    We deliver a market-leading UCaaS-software and have more than 10 years of operating experience and knowledge at our backs. Lynes was one of the first players in the market, and we know which types of complications that may arise and how to avoid them. We’ve also gained the insights as to what clients desire and how to tailor unique solutions to suit their needs. Together, with you and our robust client portfolio and extensive network, we can create the future of UCaaS-services!


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