What is UCaaS? - Unified Communication as a Service

    Software as a service (SaaS) has been around for quite some time. It’s a growing business sector that’s been gaining market shares over these last couple of years from traditional software solutions.

    Unified communication as a service (UCaaS) takes this concept one step further by combining all of the different business paths of communication into one. Like we’ve done, by creating the ultimate communication and collaboration tool available in the market right now: Lynes.


    What is UCaas?

    Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) are when you’re looking at the broader perspective of a company’s entire ecosystem. It involves everything from telephony, chats, emailing, video communication, and combines them into one. In short, unified communications as a service is a collective name for different technologies that can be integrated with one and other.

    You can say that “software as a service” is like a subscription-based type of business arrangement, where the software acts as the service. 


    A brief history of Unified communications as a service

    The early adaptations of unified communication was often an expensive endeavor. Not to mention the learning curve for all the employees to get adapted to the new solution. Another challenge with early adopters was that each “SaaS” had to have its own stand-alone application, which led the user to end up having a big cluster of different applications running actively in their daily workflow. 

    Imagine having one application for telephony, another for email, a third for a chat, and a forth for video conferences. Not that convenient, right?

    A study made in 2015 showed that 80% of all employees would prefer to use a chat program for their internal communication instead of emails and phone calls, even though only 14% were regularly using one designated by their company. 

    UCaaS is the solution, as it enables a wide variety of tools coming together in an all-in-one type of interface. 

    The many benefits of UCaaS 

    The market demands certainly are there, and today, UCaaS tells an entirely different story. Everything is hosted in the cloud, and systems capabilities are required and expected. It also improves security, as Lynes UCaaS uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that no classified information ends up in the wrong hands.

    Does UCaaS improve availability?

    A common theme with UCaaS-providers is that they offer companies flexibility, which is essential. But just as important, if not even more so, is the API:s. Our open API:s makes integrations to your CRM or ticket-system possible by merging several different software into one.


    Market-leading UCaaS and collaboration-tool

    Lynes technologies offer a market-leading UCaaS that enables collected channels for your communication and administration. It’s not only a smart business phone system or a handy collaboration-tool – It’s both. Our software can be used regardless of device and works just as great by mobile devices as it does on laptops or tablets. 

    Engage with your co-workers, either by the chat, email, or phone calls. Share incoming emails with your team and reduce the load of your inbox. Your colleagues will quickly learn if you’re away or in a meeting since your calendar is integrated with our UCaaS-solution. 


    The desire to work remotely grows

    According to a Swedish case study made in 2020, one of the most sought out work-benefits was the availability to work from home. The fact is that the culture of “working at home” is steadily increasing in popularity, and this opportunity will most likely play a more significant role in modern companies of the future. 

    To make this work, you’ll need a UCaaS-system that can act as a hub for all of your other business work applications. And beyond a hub – a business phone system with terrific VoIP, an easy-to-use chat, and the ability to integrate pretty much anything. 

    This, together with both great visuals and crystal clear audio while performing video conferences. That’s what we are all about.

    The corporate communication in a UCaaS-solution creates a reliable platform for your business as a tool for combining several applications into one.


    Benefits with UCaaS

    • You can easily integrate your other business program into ours
    • Our UcaaS is scalable and easy to use
    • Cross-platform
    • Safe to use with end-to-end encryption
    • Telephony, video, share screen, VoIP – all in the same application


    UcaaS,Unified communication as a service, combines your internal and external communication into a single platform. Smooth integrations of Lynes creates a productive workflow for your colleagues. Invest in increasing your availability with our solution and never look back at the old ways of making business with all your applications spread out in different places. 

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