Customized UCaaS-Solution For Businesses

    Companies come in all shapes and sizes. Some conduct their business globally and others domestically. Regardless of whether they're looking for a way to perform simple video conferences or wanting to save money, it always comes down to your ability to tailor unique solutions to meet the client's ever-changing needs.

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    That’s why it’s crucial to have a close collaboration with a UCaaS-provider that’s relevant both now but also in the future. Through years in the industry, we’ve learned how to not decline a deal out of technical difficulties. Our API:s and developers operate as free of restriction as possible, and we truly know the importance of a tailor-fit solution.

    We’ve got integrations towards market-leading CRM-services, reply-services, dashboard providers, and many more. We’re delivering a streamlined experience to our customers, which, by extension, leads to more business opportunities.


    Long term partnership creates success

    The partnership is important to us and we shape it based on you. If you have developers at your disposal, you’re encouraged to build your own custom integrations to Lynes. If you have no developers at hand, we’re always ready and available as consultants. That will, in practice, make us into your technical allies. Together, we can build a fully customized experience for your clients.  

    For us, a successful partnership is one in which you as the seller of Lynes UCaaS-services are included in the development of our offering and software. Today, we have an external product council that together with our development manager contributes and influences the future of our UCaaS to your customers.  


    Deeper integrations

    Deep integrations rarely meet the eye, but they allow our UCaaS-software to communicate with your other applications in the background. Our API:s releases information such as call history, statistics, and much more for you to store them in your CRM-system, for example.


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