onLyne - The #1 Admin Tool For Your Vendors

    When we created Lynes, our vision wasn't just to produce a superior business phone system or a collaboration software - we aimed at both.

    Some view invoicing as tricky; that it presents difficulties such as poor user-friendliness or that it has bothersome steps to make an edit. We've learned from the Swedish market how sellers work and what's most important to them. The solution is called onLyne, and it's the #1 sales software in the market right now. It's what we offer you, your sellers and your resellers, specifically designed to easily create quotes, edit existing customers, see invoices, and much more.


    More business with onLyne

    Our goal was to ease the business administration process so that our users could spend their time more productively, and by extension, do more business. 

    In addition to simplifying workflows, onLyne is designed to minimize errors. Some information is “forced in,” which means you don’t have to count every mistake in the transactions because onLyne will ask you before completion.

    When the customer’s contract period is about to expire, you and the seller will be notified so that you never miss out on a renegotiation. It’s a super useful feature that reminds you when it’s time to take action.


    Overview of everything – for everyone

    Our user-friendly interface lets you quickly form your opinion about your business opportunities, both internally and externally.

    Whether you have salespeople in-house or a network of resellers, the points are the same; all business becomes visible to you as a supplier. You get an overview and can quickly see how many, which and what kind of business that is currently in the pipeline.

    More than a quotation tool

    Configure your onLyne to become the hub for sales and administration. Sellers and resellers can, without effort, manage their customers, add and remove users, see invoices and commission payments – if you so choose to integrate that part of our solution to your retailers. 

    Integrate your telephony

    Press here to read more about our telephone integrations. 

    Functions in onLyne

    • Create quotes
    • Add and delete users
    • Edit existing users
    • See appointment times
    • See invoices
    • Commission payouts