Why you should use Lynes as your UCaaS-provider

    Lynes is a tech company seated in Stockholm, Sweden, where we've been for the last 15 years. The swedish market is conscious, keeps high demands in expertise and is at the forefront of technological achievements. Everything we’ve learned, everything we know, and what we are best at doing, has resulted in Lynes.

    As a wholesale partner to Lynes, you'll mediate our services under your brand. We'll help you get started by accompanying you with the setups, configurations, and integrations so that you can hit the market as fast as possible.

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    Become more flexible and improve profitability with Lynes

    The UCaaS-segment is enormous and contains an unlimited amount of business opportunities. Even in recent times, our segment is growing faster than ever before. The desire to work remotely is also increasing, and that’s another reason why our business solution is so appealing.

    We’ve built our business plan with scalability in mind, and with Lynes, you’ll never have to worry about having to deal with outdated software. Our “Council of Lynes” provides a solid foundation for incoming feedback, and our product manager is always eager to take part in these discussions – everything we can to improve our software and services. Expand your network and be one with the team that’s developing Lynes!

    Technical Support : +4610 750 0000

    Not just another UCaaS-solution

    Our concept is crystal clear and is readily available to take your business to the next level. We’ve developed our partnership program to be suitable for any type of company. It doesn’t matter if you’re a service provider, operator, or system integrator – our solution is a modern “jack of all trades.” Lynes is highly adaptable to any integrations, and we’ll go to great lengths to customize our application to your needs.

    The admin portal

    On top of our solution being turnkey and as easy as plug-and-play, we also got our much-appreciated, state of the art administration tool – the admin portal. That’s where you make your client configurations, administrate, support, and take care of all your billing and invoicing. All collected at the same spot.

    Do you already have a billing application? No worries, we’ll integrate your current setup into Lynes, unless you want to use our “Billing as a service.” Both options are just as great.


    Some of our benefits:

    • You won’t just get a business phone system or a collaboration-tool with Lynes. You’ll get both.
    • We can help you with your billing by integrating your current solution into ours if needed.
    • Scalability and nimbleness. For growth, you should eliminate all hindrances. Our support chat is available 24/7
    • Technical support by the developers that have created Lynes. 
    • Manage, edit, and create business offerings by the admin portal and get an accurate overview of the pipeline. 
    • API:s that enables and supports both deep and standard integrations.

    Digital innovation – To you, your clients and their customers

    We consider ourselves as digital innovators and pioneers when it comes to UCaaS. Lynes will make sure that your progression rate will be at the top of the line when comparing yourselves to your competitors.

    All rights are reserved, and we own our product to 100%. That makes the steps in the decision-making process very short and makes us genuinely agile in our actions. When we create and develop – we always try to be in the front position of the current market status. 

    This means that we share How-To and DIY-material to all of our clients, free of charge, so they too can improve their knowledge of our business solution.


    You won’t just improve and make your client’s business more efficient – you’ll also set yourself up to acquire your current client’s customer base in the long run. Here’s why:

    Inviting external personnel like consultants or business partners into our solution comes without any additional fees or costs – ever- and this lets new individuals from the outside get familiar with our tool, without either you or them having to pay a dime. Great, huh? Here lies a golden opportunity to turn your customers into ambassadors and generate more leads than ever before.

    Streamlining your business

    By our extraordinary integrational capabilities, you’ll make the everyday workflow for your clients so much smoother. You can customize and integrate Lynes in any way, shape, or form. We’re always eager to help you with your setup.

    Create better margins by using Lynes

    We are looking for mutually beneficial business collaborations. One where you, as our client, can kick-start your endeavor in a cost and time-efficient manner. 

    Once settled, you will never have to worry about unspent licenses lying around and collecting dust. With Lynes acquisition program, you’ll only have to pay for mediated licenses that have been delivered. A win-win situation if you ask us.


    Practise makes excellent

    Having a strategic plan makes all the difference. Your partnership with Lynes will give you access to everything from training material to our support department. We’ll teach you how to use our technology so that you can run your business in the most optimal way. 



    When it comes to branding, we are highly adaptable. If you want to customize your product to more fit your brand – so be it! Or would you instead prefer to sell our solution underneath our flag, that works great too. All material in terms of product sheets and so forth will be prepared in advance and can easily be branded in your company name instead of ours.

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