World Class Business Software Integrations

    As a provider of UCaaS, we realize that a modern and digital PBX has to be able to be integrated with other types of software. Lynes meets the requirements and lets you integrate our platform into pretty much anything that you set your mind to. In short, Lynes becomes the hub at the heart of your communication ecosystem.

    We have already developed a handful of much-appreciated integrations that are currently being used. Our software works excellently with business systems like Zendesk, Upsales, Office 365, with many more still to come.

    Lynes software is based upon Open API:s, which makes integrations into a breeze (with a little help from developers). If you have no developers at hand – Don’t worry! We’ll go to great lengths in assisting you with a setup that best suits your clients needs.


    Benefits of our integrations

    One fantastic benefit is that you’ll increase service levels by integrating our business phone system into your customer relationship management system. The cooperating technologies work seamlessly together and erase the need for jumping back and forth between applications.


    Different types of integrations

    There are two different types of integrations. Let’s call them “standard integrations” and “deep integrations.” Lynes is compatible with both. 


    Standard integrations

    By definition, standard integrations are when two different systems “talk” to each other by specific triggers. For example, if you want your CRM-system to become the active window on your phone, tablet, or desktop when receiving a call – then that’s what will happen with a standard integration. The possibilities truly are endless. 


    Deep integrations

    Deep integration is the motion that’s taking place at the backend, totally automatically and out of sight, just like standard integrations. For example, a deep integration could mean that you’re automatically saving all audio files directly into your CRM-system, whenever you’re talking to a spokesperson for a specific company. Neat, huh?

    Our ambition is for Lynes to become the leading integrated business phone system within UCaaS.