Answer groups, fully loaded!

Chances are if you’re reading this, you already know what a business phone system is, so I’m gonna spare you the whole “let me explain” spiel.

Having established your phone system savvy, I’m betting you also know what an answer group is.

So, let’s not bore you with definitions, but rather delve into the nitty-gritty of how they work and why we are top-notch in this game.

Brace yourself, a classic brag post incoming!

Sweden’s. The World’s. The Universe’s Best Answer Groups.

We set out on a mission – to lead the pack in the realm of answer groups. And let’s just say, we’ve made some progress.

Like all iconic duos, an answer group rarely rolls solo. Think Batman and Robin. In this narrative, the sidekick to the Answer Group is the IVR-menu. The IVR-menu ensures your calls land in the right spot, but after that, that’s when the real magic happens.

Answer groups in lynes

A lynes answer group can be as straightforward or as intricate as you fancy. Why? Because we’re not here to push features you won’t use.

Settings on-the-go (mobile and PC friendly)

Our answer groups are tailored to fit all kind of business types. Whether you have 1 or 100 answer groups, we’ve got your back. And you can adjust all settings, be it on your mobile or your desktop.

  • Easily set your business hours, welcome messages, ring strategy, and more right from your mobile. Want to whip up a new answer group? Take out your phone, and voilà!
  • With agent groups, create layers for how calls ring in “different levels”. One group can have multiple agents, and if no one picks up, pass the call to the next agent group, ensuring no missed calls within the groups.
  • With lynes’ text to speech, forget about recording. Use our AI to type your message, choose a voice, and craft a new queue message.

Detailed view & dashboard (for an answer group)

Get comprehensive insights with our detailed view, packed with loads of useful data to up your telephony game.

  • Our flowchart with metrics offers a thorough look at group activities: bounced, missed, and handled calls, etc. Plus, get real-time agent availability updates.
  • Track missed calls to ensure no essential client interactions fall between the cracks. Once dealt with, mark calls as followed up and drop a comment.
  • Activate a visual alert for wait times that exceed a set threshold. Get a pulsing red alert urging agents to take calls when queue times goes above the limit.
  • Keep tabs on your KPIs, possible to activate over 30 different metrics. We provide standard settings with the most common ones, then the ball’s in your court to tweak as needed via the view settings.
  • Our graph maps out all calls, offering a snapshot of peak call times. Hover over calls for more insights.
  • Quickly check which agents are logged in, ready to take calls, or their current activity status with the agent groups feature.

Overview (for one or multiple, hence overview)

Our goal with the overview is to offer a quick snapshot of one or several answer groups. Just like the detailed view, it’s packed with customizable metrics.

  • Our dashboard provides a clear picture of selected KPIs. In its default version, we’ve highlighted the most common ones, but customizing it to your needs is easy.
  • The overview also features a graph plotting all of today’s calls, so you can see the frequency and timing of incoming calls. This helps you quickly identify when most calls are typically missed. Hovering over a plotted call reveals more detailed information.
  • Get a broader view of your selected answer groups below the graph, where you’ll find more data about each chosen group. Here, we list waiting and ongoing calls, as well as available and occupied agents.

Supervisor in an answer group

As a supervisor for an answer group, you’re granted access to a more settings and data compared to an agent.

  • As a supervisor, you get an enriched data in detail view. This includes metrics like the percentage of answered calls and the wrap up time consumed by each agent.
  • Need to log agents in or out? No worries.
  • Your supervisor privileges provide access to features such as agent groups, ring strategy, alerts for no logged-in/available agent, processing time, and much more for you to tweak.

By now, you probably get the gist. We’re not diving into every single setting and option available – I simply wanted to showcase some cool (and useful) stuff in our answer groups.

However, don’t be daunted by this wall of text. It might feel overwhelming if you’re new to this. But fear not! Our seasoned project delivery managers assist all our clients with onboarding and help set up a call structure that suits them best. Plus, our Help Center is always there for you throughout your journey.

But wait, there’s more!

This is where our answer groups stand today…

And guess what? We’re aiming even higher. Every day, we’re striving to enhance our answer groups and the features we offer. We’re committed to always delivering the best and latest tech!

Curious about our answer groups and how lynes can assist you? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Filip Flink

Självutnämnd digitalvetare som ser trender innan trenden själv ser det. Har även en förmåga att överdriva saker. Fast bara ibland.