Emissions can continue to decrease, thanks to technology

Telia recently released an emissions report showing that travel within the county (Stockholm, Sweden) has decreased by 21% since 2019. Understandably, travel took a huge dip during the pandemic, but it’s now picking up again.

So… How do we avoid slipping back into old habits?

When talking about successful initiatives, we at lynes often think of the holy trinity: strategy, systems, and staff. In this context, let’s consider a different trinity: sustainability, technology, and collaboration.

  1. Focus on sustainability: Emissions from Stockholm residents’ travels within the county have plummeted by a whopping 21% since 2019. These aren’t just numbers; it’s a lifestyle. The report shows that last year, on average, CO2 emissions were 0.45 tons per person in the Stockholm region. It’s not just impressive; these figures align with the Paris Agreement.
  2. The marvel of technology: This is where we, and other tech companies, come into play. Companies that offer communication solutions and other required systems simplify remote work. With the right tech, the demand for “travel-meetings” diminishes, paving the way for a greener future.
  3. Collaboration is key: Christian Lewenhaupt, business developer for Crowd Insights at Telia, noted the sharp decline in travel during the pandemic. However, he also emphasizes the importance of not reverting to old habits. It’s a reminder for all of us to keep pushing for sustainable solutions and behaviors in our daily routine. After all, collaboration isn’t just an idea; it’s a culture.

What am I trying to say?

In simple terms: we all need to think sustainably, we need the right technology, and we must continue to foster collaboration.

Stockholm demonstrates that when society collaborates using modern tech and innovation, we can achieve remarkable outcomes.

However, no matter how great your strategies are, they’re pointless without the proper tools or culture to implement them. At lynes, we call this as ‘sustainable collaboration’, and it’s our mission.

Are you part of the change? If not, start by exploring how technology can support your company’s sustainability goals.

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Written by

Burhan Kesapli

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