Powerful, integrated, and user-friendly! Just as it sounds, lynes Analytics is a straightforward yet potent analytics tool we've incorporated into lynes. Dive deep into your data, from missed calls to average answer times for your answer groups.

Analyze Queue Times and Hit Your Targets

By setting thresholds for your answer groups, you can easily aim and work towards your set answer time goals. Lynes Analytics uses shades of green and red to visually guide you, making it clear when you’re on target and when you’re straying a bit.

Staff Based on Call Peaks

With lynes Analytics, you get a comprehensive view of your calls. It’s a breeze to spot when the bulk of calls come into your answer groups, helping you staff up accordingly to keep those wait times low. And if you’re swamped and can’t pick up? Easily redirect the traffic during peak hours to our integrated answering service.