business hours

With lynes, managing your business hours is a breeze. Whether you're at the office or on the go, you can set and adjust with just a few taps.

Schedule the Year, Directly in the App

Planning to wrap up early this Friday? Or have special hours for holidays? Lynes has got you covered. You can set your hours directly from your mobile or computer. If you’re the plan-ahead type, feel free to map out the entire year. And if plans change? No worries – hop back in and adjust.

Make Updates from Anywhere

Being cloud-based, lynes offers the flexibility to tweak those business hours from anywhere – be it your mobile, laptop, or tablet. While you’re at it, consider updating your greeting message. It’s straightforward, and if you’re feeling techy, there’s a handy text-to-speech feature waiting for you. Male or female voice? Your call.

Redirect Calls Outside Working Hours

Can’t take a call or wrapping up for the day? Redirect calls to other numbers, an answering service, or a shared voicemail. Even if you’re away from the desk, your mobile’s got this. Keeping it efficient and relaxed? That’s the lynes way.