Business Phone System

A smart phone system that's easy to use and manage. Our nifty app helps you take full control of all your calls - whether you want to answer them or not. The built-in self-service feature simplifies adjusting, adding, and removing business hours, answer groups, and IVR menus.

No fuss, everything’s included!

With us, you get a comprehensive service that packs in all the essentials you might need.

  • Answer groups
  • Answer group agents & supervisors
  • IVR menus
  • Admin portal
  • Dashboards for a clear overview

Simpel as is

With lynes, tweaking your telephony settings is a breeze. Directly from your mobile, you can create a new answer group, change the operating hours for another, or record a new audio message with our cool text-to-speech service.

As an admin, you take the reins on permissions, deciding who gets to tinker with settings within lynes.

Full functionality, no matter where!

For us, it’s crucial that a business exchange performs flawlessly, irrespective of location or device. That’s why we’ve ensured that lynes works seamlessly whether you’re on a mobile, computer, tablet, or just browsing the web.

Pick the carrier that suits you

We don’t compromise on quality at any stage, which is why we let our customers choose the carrier that suits their needs for the phone system. Currently, you can use lynes with our subscriptions, Telia, Tele2, Telenor, and Tre.