Call Log

Get a comprehensive overview of all calls within your business phone system.

The call log in lynes is packed with your data, enabling you to easily locate calls for users, answer groups, and even recordings!

Data in the Call Log

Within the lynes call log, you can seamlessly view all the calls a user has made, as well as calls to/from an answer group.

This overview also displays a leaderboard for the users, along with a statistical summary. The leaderboard showcases the top-performing agents in the selected answer group, and the statistics provide a deeper dive into the call data.

Share calls from the log

Whether for follow-up or training purposes, you can also share calls from here. Choose the desired call and then whether you want to share it in a chat or via SMS. If you choose to share via chat, you can also include any call recording.

Bulk Edit the Call Log

You can easily bulk-edit the call logs. With a single click, you can export the results to Excel or delete them if desired.

Filter the Call Log

We’ve made it user-friendly for you to access the data you need. Interested in viewing only incoming calls, outgoing calls, or perhaps calls with recordings?

The choice is yours! Of course, you can also filter by answer groups or individual agents.

In essence, a complete call log!

  • Start and end dates
  • Call type (all, incoming, outgoing, missed, calls with voicemail, and recorded calls)
  • Answer group or a specific agent

Who Can Access the Information?

  • As a user, you have access to your own call log, but a more detailed version than the “standard” one.
  • An agent in an answer group can view all calls in the answer group they handle, meaning they can see their colleagues’ calls too.
  • A supervisor can access all logs in the assigned answer groups.
  • A user who is on the comprehensive search and playback authorization list within the organization can search and listen to all calls within the organization (except the private voicemails)