Call recording

Record all your calls or just select ones - the choice is yours! With our call recording service, you can opt for automatic recording or manual initiation. You can even choose to record specific answer groups, leaving others untouched.

This flexible service is easy to manage, whether you're on mobile or desktop. And of course, it's compliant with MiFID II.

Simple Management

Which users or answer groups should be recorded? With lynes, you can oversee all recording admin tasks directly on your mobile or computer.

Easily select which users or answer groups you want recorded and just as simply add more licenses.

As an admin, you can set whether a user can manually start and stop recordings.

Smart Call Storage

Calls are securely stored in lynes and are encrypted. If you prefer, you can download them for storage elsewhere.

Our storage accommodates 30,000 calls for a user and 300,000 for an answer group. We’ve set a default storage limit of 6 months, but feel free to adjust it to your needs!

Tailor the Service to Your Liking

  • Control recording with a activity status
  • Choose which numbers to record (landline and/or mobile)
  • Automatic or manual start
  • Record users and/or answer groups
  • Record calls & conferences (excluding video)
  • Decide if a user can listen to their own recordings
  • Determine if a user can delete their own recordings
  • Encrypted storage in line with MiFID II

Is Call Recording Legal?

According to the Brottsbalken 4 kap (in Sweden), it’s legal to record a conversation as long as one of the parties participating in the conversation is aware of the recording. What does that mean? If you’re recording your own calls, you count as a participant, making the recording permissible. It’s worth noting that this applies to all kinds of conversations, not just phone calls.

However, if none of the participants are aware of the recording, it’s considered eavesdropping, which is legally prohibited.

So, how should businesses approach call recording?

Always be clear and transparent with your callers. Inform them that the call is being recorded and explain why it’s necessary.

Webhook for external management

Instead of using our built-in call recording, you can use our webhook for the purpose, which allows you to fetch the call including meta-data and then manage it separately.