Built in chat

Quick and lynes input from one or several of your colleagues. The built in chat lets you create channels for chatting, sharing files and exchanging ideas. lynes chat becomes the center of all your communication where you communicate with individual colleagues, your team or the entire company. The chat also reduces the amount of internal e-mail and all messages are searchable!

The #1 Chat Software in the Market

We’ve noticed a distinct change in the way that people communicate over the last couple of years. Both privately and when it comes to business, and that is the increased usage of chat messages instead of emails and phone calls.

Improved success with lightning-fast communication

The best usage of dedicated chat programs is to get quick feedback on an assignment from others in your organization. Immediate feedback leads to faster decision making, which improves efficiency. With lynes, you can easily chat, send files, and exchange all your ideas without any delay.

All messages are hosted in the cloud, which makes backtracking of any outdated conversations manageable and without effort. Your email inbox will become much lighter when using an internal chat for all those small messages, instead of having to write a brand new email every time.

Create channels by one push of a button

Creating new channels for different projects is uncomplicated. Invite everyone in your organization, or perhaps just those chosen few that are directly connected to your project – it’s up to you. Chat channels can easily be divided into departments, teams, projects, clients, or in whichever way you feel it’s suitable. You can also, at any time, leave a channel and rejoin at a later date. lynes is versatile, so your workflow can be too.

Create threads within channels

Your communication will be gathered in what’s known as threads, which makes it lynes for you to follow up on any previous conversation. By doing this, you can see an entire conversation in chronological order and by that create an excellent overview of all the “sidetracks” that those in-depth discussions sometimes generate.

Invite your guests, consultants or partners

A lot of regular chat programs will solve the internal communication part, but the problem of external communication remains. With lynes, we’ve made it possible for you to invite guests into your internal chat – without any additional cost to your subscription. A guest could perhaps be a consultant that only works for you within a limited timeframe or maybe any of your company partners. Leave all extensive emailing back and forth and invite them to where the action is taking place – inside of lynes chat.

File Sharing 

Which chat program would be complete without file sharing? With lynes, it’s as lynes as drag-and-drop. Just drag your file into a particular chat or channel, and boom – it’s sent to all the participants.

Encrypted chat

So, where are all your files and messages being saved? On your servers or ours – you decide. We take security super seriously, and lynes uses peer-to-peer encryption to ensure the highest protection available.

Some of our features:

  • Direct chat
  • Group chats
  • File sharing
  • Guest users
  • Threads, channels, and teams
  • Encryption