Built in chat

Need some quick feedback from a colleague or several? Dive into our built-in chat feature where you can effortlessly create different channels to chat, share files, and exchange ideas. Everything is centralized, allowing easy communication with individual colleagues, entire departments, or the whole company. Plus, the chat reduces the volume of internal emails, and all messages are searchable.

With Colleagues, Consultants, and Vendors

You can chat with everyone, even if they aren’t a lynes user. We empower you to create as many guest accounts as you desire, enabling you to establish dedicated project channels with consultants and vendors.

Got someone using Slack? No issues. Seamlessly sync a lynes channel with a Slack channel at no additional cost.

Draft Now – Send Later

One of our app’s standout features lets you schedule messages. If you work odd hours and don’t want to disturb someone or prepare a channel announcement, this is your go-to feature. Draft your message, set the date and time, and attach any file if needed. You can also schedule:

  • Messages
  • Shared call logs and recordings
  • Emails
  • Survey results

Synchronous or Asynchronous?

How does your team operate? Lynes’ integrated chat equips you with the tools to communicate on your terms, whether that’s in real-time or at your own pace.

  • Threaded messages
  • Option to turn off notifications

Direct, Public Channel, or Private?

We let you tailor your structure so that you can chat the way you prefer. Engage in a direct chat with a colleague or in a public channel open to all.

Working on some secret stuff? No worries. Set up a private channel and invite only those you want.