Screen share

Share your screen to easily visualise an app, program or your whole screen. You'll find it during an active video conference and your shared screen will be in HD.

Express yourself

Screen sharing simplifies the process of showcasing documents, movies, presentations, or images to colleagues or clients straight from your computer. And, there’s no more dealing with sending large files. Beyond that, screen sharing adds a layer of interactivity. For instance, you can watch in real-time as a user interacts with content or navigates interfaces, providing valuable insights for adjustments or additions.

Manage Presentations Online

There are countless situations where screen sharing proves invaluable. With lynes, for instance, you can effortlessly invite customers, partners, or fellow team members to an online PowerPoint presentation. This clarity eliminates the need to describe intricate workflows or processes over the phone when you can simply demonstrate directly on-screen. Coupled with video conferencing, lynes stands as an impressively potent and efficient tool.