Share a call

With lynes, sharing a call log in a chat, a channel, and an SMS is a cinch. When you do, whoever you're sharing the call with can easily ring the person right from that shared call.

For Both the Avid Phone Operators and the Everyday User

Sometimes, connecting a call isn’t feasible. Maybe your colleague is in a meeting or already on another call. That’s when sharing a call comes in handy. Ditch the old ways of manual typing in chats, emails, or sticking post-it notes on desks. With lynes, you can share the call directly with a teammate. We call this the “digital post-it note.”

Share with a Single Tap

By tapping on the three dots in your call list, sharing a call becomes straightforward. You have the option to add a comment, perhaps a note for someone to call the customer back. From there, you can either send the call details directly to a colleague in a chat, broadcast it to a wider group in a channel or sent it via an SMS.