System SMS

Want the ability to send SMS messages to one or several people at once? This feature is tailored for you. For instance, you can send an SMS from an answer group with a unique sender ID (i.e. a name) to a contact group or a specific number.

Reach Your Customers

Did you know that SMS has a higher open rate than, say, emails? With lynes’ SMS feature, you can easily text several people at once and even change the sender ID to “YourCompany”.

Have a contact group with a selection of your customers? Simply choose them as recipients, type your message, and hit send!

One, Two, or More?

Lynes lets you send an SMS to a colleague, contact, specific number, or a group – the choice is yours! New SMS messages can be sent:

  • Through the contact card
  • Via the call log
  • From the answer group