Text to speech

With lynes, everything's streamlined, even your audio files. A business exchange typically requires sound files, from answer groups to queue messages. Rather than recording these yourself, we've crafted a service we believe you'll appreciate. Use our intuitive Text to Speech feature: type the message you want, pick a voice, decide where it should be placed. It's that straightforward.

Answer Groups & IVR

Forget repetitive retakes or drawing straws on who’ll voice your company’s audio files. Simply type them out, choose a voice, hit save, and voilà: you’ve got professional-sounding files for your answer groups and IVR menus.

Temporary Audio Files

Ever had one of those moments where you forgot to close the main number when there’s a company-wide conference? Just open the app, adjust the hours, and type out the message your callers will hear. It really is that uncomplicated!


The same approach works wonders here too. Our text to speech service makes it effortless for users to set up their voicemail message. Ditch the endless retakes: type your desired message, pick a voice, and you’re good to go. Simple, right?