Video conference

Performance reviews, meetings, or interviews? With lynes, you get stable, noise-free video meetings and conferences in full HD. Setting up and joining meetings is a breeze. Plus, seamlessly switch from an ongoing teleconference to a video conference. And if you're looking to illustrate an idea or process simply share your screen during the video conference.

Create or switch to conference

If you are talking on the phone with a colleague, you can easily click on conference and voila, you are both connected. You can then call in more parties if desired.

In addition, the app lets you generate a conference and send out a link if you are talking to an external party, the party then hangs up and connects via the dispatch (email or SMS) while you hang tight.

AI-Powered Camera Technology

Engage in meetings with added smart camera features and effects:

  • Auto face centering
  • Background blur and other visual effects
  • Enhanced brightness settings

Secure Video Meetings

Each meeting is fortified with unique codes to ensure what’s shared remains confidential. Moreover, you can orchestrate your video conferences directly from your mobile device, tablet, or computer. With just a few taps, you can easily invite both internal and external participants.

A More Personal Touch in Full HD

Video conferences with lynes offer an unparalleled experience. With full HD audio and video transmission, participants come through crystal clear. This offers a more intimate experience, regardless of whether you’re in a one-on-one or group meeting.

Automatic Confirmations and Reminders

Upon scheduling a video conference, all participants receive an email invitation detailing the time, relevant phone number, and pin code. The meeting is automatically added to the recipient’s calendar as a standard event, containing all necessary details and a clickable link that leads right to the conference.