Our voicemail gives you the functionality you're familiar with in classic voicemail. But, you also get a visual overview of your messages and choose which messages you want to listen to, save, or delete – and in which order.

Transcribed Voicemail

With lynes, you don’t even have to listen to your voicemail when you let our AI summarize it for you. When a new message is left for you, we analyze and transcribe it into text for you.

  • Notification with summarized message
  • Full transcription available in the call log

Try Our Handy Text to Speech Feature

Just like other voicemails, you can easily record your message in lynes. If you wish, you can also use our Text to Speech. Instead of recording, type in your message, and the text is converted into a voice message. Choose a voice and you’re all done!

Stay Updated on Your Messages Across All Devices

When you receive a new message, you get a notification right in the app. You can also clearly see which number has called you, as well as the date and time. The voicemail is synced across your various devices, ensuring you have access to all messages, whether you’re on a computer, mobile phone, or tablet.