Voice over IP in High Definition (VoIP)

To ensure the highest audio and video quality possible, we've implemented VoIP into our business phone system. This function is truly remarkable when making a long-distance call from a rural location where phone reception is low.

Fully integrated

Make regular calls or have video conferences; everything will work flawlessly regardless of your current location. Our Voice over IP-system is completely integrated into our PBX, so you won’t miss out on any essential features or nothing while performing a call or video-conversation using VoIP. All you need is to make sure that you’re connected to a network, and that’s it.

No cell reception?

Thanks to our mobile app, you always have the entire phone system right in your pocket with full functionality. As long as the app has internet access, you’ll be available, just as usual. This means if you’re abroad, or have poor signal, all you need is a wifi connection to have full functionality.