What is Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)?

Fixed Mobile Convergence or FMC is a telephony technology aimed at integrating mobile telephony with a company's traditional landline switchboard system. This means that whether a call is mobile or landline, it is always directed through the company's central switchboard.

How Does Fixed Mobile Convergence Work?

When an FMC user initiates a call from their mobile phone, the call is routed through the switchboard before connecting to the intended recipient. This development in system architecture ensures that mobile users can benefit from all the features and services offered by the switchboard.

Why Opt for FMC?

Integrated Services: By routing all calls through the switchboard, FMC ensures that mobile users have access to the same services as a user on a landline phone or computer. Enhanced Functionality: In addition to traditional FMC technology, there is an IP-based variant of FMC, which leverages the benefits of internet telephony.

FMC in the Nordic Region

It’s noteworthy that FMC technology is particularly prevalent in the Nordic region, especially in Sweden and Finland. This regional presence can be linked to the unique market needs and technological trends within these countries.

The Difference Being FMC-Enabled Makes

With FMC enabled on your mobile subscription, all functionality, such as voicemail and call forwarding, is managed by your PBX provider. This centralizes all settings management in one place.