How do you measure ROI in your business phone system

Can you put a price on customer satisfaction? I mean, it’s practically priceless, right?

Today, customer satisfaction is one of the most crucial metrics for companies worldwide. Still, many lack the right knowledge and or tools to create excellent customer experiences. Why is that?

Let’s dive into understanding the ROI for your business phone system.

High licensing costs:

The significant initial investment has made ROI challenging for smaller businesses.

We all recognize that a company’s size shouldn’t determine customer satisfaction.

However, it can be tougher for smaller businesses to invest in the tech necessary to provide excellent service.

It’s often one of these system that are in place:

  1. Contact Center
  2. UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service)

As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”, right?

How do we determine the ROI for a Contact Center or a UCaaS?

To calculate the ROI for UCaaS or a Contact Center, you need to look into quantitative and qualitative factors, and I promise you, it’s fun!

Quantitative Factors:

These are number-driven and pretty straightforward to measure. For example:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Consider the total costs for implementation, hardware, software, training, and support. Compare these to savings from improved efficiency or increased sales.
  • Productivity: Examine how each solution affects productivity, such as the number of customer cases handled per hour or how quickly customers receive assistance.
  • Quality of customer service: Measure aspects like customer satisfaction, the number of cases, or the time taken to resolve issues.

If we start of easy, you can quickly determine ROI based on cost-effectiveness, but of course, that’s not all.

It becomes even more interesting when you start looking into productivity and quality. A good question you should answer is whether the new service has helped reduce the queue time for your incoming calls.

Qualitative Factors:

Is more subjective and harder to measure, but essential for ROI assessment. This includes:

  • User experience: How satisfied are the staff with the tech? Has it improved their workflow and internal communication?
  • Customer experience: Has it been enhanced as a result of the implementation? Has the tech built stronger customer relationships?
  • Flexibility and scalability: Can the tech adjust to your growing or changing needs? Can it cater to various users and departments within your company?

Ask yourself this: Is the system you’ve purchased easy to use?

If the personell doesn’t like it, there’s a high risk that they won’t utilize its full potential ( a classic bad ROI).

Costs for the “right tech”:

If comparing a Contact Center with UCaaS there has previously been a gap in the services in reagard to features. But that’s no longer the case with lynes, which offers advanced telephony functions at lower licensing costs compared to the average Contact Centers.

Advantages of using lynes:

  1. All-in-one app: By choosing lynes, you combine multiple tools into one, hopefully cutting costs for other apps and systems you use daily, like video and chat. This also increases productivity as end-users don’t have to switch between different applications.
  2. Easy learning curve: Compared to a Contact Center, we offer a easier learning curve, making onboarding more efficient as you grow. The app is user-friendly, and should you need assistance, both customer service and a comprehensive Help Center are at your service.
  3. Accessibility: Whether you’re on the move, lounging on your sofa, in the countryside, or at the office, lynes is available wherever you are and on whichever device you use.
  4. Easy customization for departments: Whether it’s a support department with lots incoming calls or a marketing department managing simultaneous projects, depending on roles and objectives, you can tailor features like analytics tools, call recording, and chat to fit the specific department’s needs.
  5. License-based and scalable: You pay for what you use. With lynes, the setup is tailored to meet your requirements. Choose users and any additional services, and you’re all set.
  6. Fast pace in the development: With lynes, you’ll always have access to the latest features. The service is continuously developed at a swift pace to keep up with the latest advancements.

If you’re keen on creating the right conditions for your employees to deliver world-class service, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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