Lynes for sales companies

Almost every company has salespeople in some kind of form.

Take a quick look at LinkedIn, and you’ll find a whole plethora of titles. Everything from Account Executive to Business Developer.

A rose by any other name, as they say.

Whether your business card reads Key Account Manager or Sales Executive, your needs are probably the same:

A smooth communication platform for incoming and outgoing calls.

Giving sales people the right tools

To succeed in sales, you need the right tools for your day-to-day activities. All in order to minimize the excuses for why the deals aren’t piling up.

The bare minimum (though that’s not enough) is a mobile subscription. Obviously, you need to be reachable and able to contact potential clients.

Sales o’clock?

Not yet.

Equipping salespeople with just a mobile phone? That’s kinda foolish. To make the most out of your working hours, you need more stuff in your toolbox.

What’s needed are the right digital tools to meet today’s hybrid world.

You should be able to:

  • Make calls via click-to-call, meaning clicking on numbers on websites, in CRM systems, or wherever else you might find numbers
  • See who’s calling you, even if you haven’t saved the number
  • Schedule video meetings with your prospects
  • Record your calls, both for training purposes and to revisit what you promised a customer
  • Collaborate on bigger projects with both internal and external participants.
  • Easily measure your calls to track your goals.
  • Choose devices so you can harness the same power whether you’re at the computer or on your mobile

Ready to sell?

Almost there.

The last thing you need to succeed in sales is, of course, a good leader. Choose them carefully because no one wants to deal with a lousy boss.

Time to sell?

It’s selling time!

The right tools for a sales manager

In order for a company to succeed, salespeople need to succeed. And for the salespeople to succeed, the sales manager needs to do it!

As a sales manager, you steer the ship. You support, assist, and coach the team – when you’re not playing padel, of course.

Just like the salespeople, you need a bunch of cool features to make your day easier.

As a sales manager, you should be able to:

  • Listen to salespeople’s calls for training and evaluation
  • Share calls with comments, for constructive feedback or encouragement
  • Save calls for the future
  • View stats on all the salespeople, so you can easily see who’s performing and who’s not
  • Quickly create a new user when hiring
  • Collaborate with salespeople in chat channels, so you’re there for quick questions and to send funny GIFs.
  • Do all of the above, no matter the device or location

Lynes for sales companies

As you’ve probably realized, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to salespeople and sales managers.

The phone system needs to be stable, easy to use, and more than just a mobile phone.

That’s where we come in. We’ve developed lynes to support different types of organizations, sales among others.

With us, you’ll get a telephony system packed with features that will simplify your daily grind.

How about:

  • Click-to-call, allowing you to click on a number on a website, in a file, or in a CRM system, and directly call a client or prospect
  • An integrated caller ID that automatically looks up all incoming calls. Super handy if you make a lot of outgoing calls
  • Built-in video conferences, so you can easily follow up a call with a meeting invite without switching services
  • The market’s smartest call recording that can be easily tailored for every user and response group
  • A comprehensive service with integrated chat, so you can communicate directly and in channels, and even add free guests to cut down on external emails
  • A smart dashboard to measure calls
  • An app that works on all devices and with several different operators.

Good luck with your sales!

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Written by

Filip Flink

Självutnämnd digitalvetare som ser trender innan trenden själv ser det. Har även en förmåga att överdriva saker. Fast bara ibland.