Group Chat

    With Lynes it's easy to create a group chat with your colleagues and even external participants. It gives you a digital work space for you, your colleagues, partners and customers. From there you can conduct video conferences, share your screen and share files.


    A better way to communicate

    Instead of countless e-mails being sent back and forth with the classic “Reply all” button you could (and should) gather your communication in one place. It’s easier, reduces stress and you won’t be looking for that special email where the file was attached because all files in Lynes are searchable

    Guests are more than welcome

    Lynes is for everybody. Whether it’s a consultant, a partner or a supplier they can all be a part of your group chat. Lynes let you invite as many guests as you see fit. You’ll send them a link to the designated channel you want to invite them to and voilá: group chat