Phone conference

    Create a teleconference in a heartbeat with your phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet. Push a few buttons, and everyone is invited and has access to the meeting. You can also convert your regular phone calls directly into a video call, if you so desire.


    Customization for recurring events

    Weekly meetings or a monthly assembly? By all means! With Lynes, you can create a recurring event for sessions that are happening regularly. This way, you won’t have to go through the trouble of inviting everyone more than once. 

    Increase productivity with automated notifications and reminders

    You are productive, which also means keeping track of a lot of stuff. Reminders and notifications can truly be a blessing (at times). Our system can be integrated into all your employees’ calendars to keep your daily endeavors running as smoothly as possible. 

    When you create a new event, the first thing that happens is that everyone that’s invited gets an email. This email contains all the necessary information like dates, phone numbers, and the security pin code – which gives you access to the meeting. You’ll also find a one-click link that leads directly to the virtual conference.